The 3-Step Method

Step 1: Analyse core issues

In this step, we will focus on identifying when and how your challenges with smoking and weight have started. What are your liiting beliefs that prevented you to quit smoking, lose weight or both. 

Step 2: Design the hypnosis strategy

I will use the information from step one and develop an individual hypnosis program to address the challenges specific to you.  You are unique and you require a unique approach to solve your problems.  Do you smoke more when you're at home or when you're socialising? Do you prefer sugary foods or do you crave carbs? What have you tried 

Step 3: Utilize hypnosis techniques

I use combination of hypnosis and life coaching techniques to create a long-lasting results for positive lifestyle changes.  After this 6-week program you will quit smoking, lose weight, get rid of addictions such as sugar and/or caffeine. Improve your health, stress levels, sleeping patterns.  This program can also help reduce the inflammation that is caused by chemicals ingested when smoking and eating unhealthy foods which will boost your immune system and reduce the risk of various illnesses including cancer, cardiovascular, Alzheimers, diabetes and many others.

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